Friday, October 24, 2014

Kalu's Rescue

 On 16th October 2014, Animal Nepal & Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT) together hand in hand, handled a dog abused case which took place at Swambu nearby Benchen Monastery. This abused case was reported by Pema Orsel & her friends to us, witnessed by one of her friends. 

Kalu, a male dog, estimated about 8 months old was abused by his owners, an elderly couple. Kalu was seen being held up & beaten repeatedly at no mercy & supposedly received electric shocks. He was squealing like a pig in pain but the heartless couple were not bothered. All because Kalu kept pooping, peeing in the house, chewing wires & damaging many things in the house. 

When we arrived at the house, Kalu was at the roof top, tied up close to the side wall under a hot scorching sun which restricted his movement. The space for Kalu was extremely small. Even his cage was too small. There wasn't any bowl of water for him except an empty dirty plate.

When we met Kalu, we knew instantly he could be a happy & active dog who is growing up. Kalu looks healthy but the punishment he got from his master was atrocious & unacceptable. Its animal cruelty. When we gave solutions to the owner on how to treat Kalu such as getting a dog trainer, taking him for a walk, toys & etc, the response we got, NO TIME! Then why have a dog when you have no time? Because somebody gave the dog to them. From the reasons given & aggressive actions done towards Kalu, we knew he is not a genuine pet owner. The owner told us that we can take Kalu with us. We gladly took Kalu with us rather than letting him living in a 'hell'. For us, its all about saving another dog's life. Kalu is now safe in our hands. We are now giving Kalu the best while waiting for a new home for him. If you would like to give Kalu a forever loving home & a new start for him or if you would like to sponsor Kalu kindly contact KAT.