Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sally and Cathrine

Everyday a dog life touches my heart at KAT. They come to us with the most terrible wounds, mangy skin or neglected from the streets but without any doubts they show the biggest strength and love that I’ve ever seen.
One of the dogs has grown to my heart and not just because she is a puppy. She was my best ally in Nepal for a really long time, and now she found the loveliest home that I ever could have imagined.
She is red and white, has a round belly, talks in her sleep and loves to chew green flip flops. Her name is Sally and she was a young puppy at KAT with a big attitude and personality.

Every day Sally jumped into the Microbus with me and drove home with me. We walked down the street and people smiled, when they saw her. When we were home she liked to find a nice pair of flip flops to chew on, or even better, a plastic bag. Often she just fell asleep and woke up two hours later, ready to play or learn a trick.

My Nepali roommates loved her, except her smell – she is Smelly Sally.

It’s tough to be a puppy in Nepal. Sally was found all alone on a roof in Kathmandu until some tourists brought her to KAT. Although her first start into life hasn’t been as sweet as almost every dog life back in Europe she shows lots of love and curiosity. Not to everyone though. Although we have been good at keeping Sally clean and showed her to do her business outside, there were some really funny coincidences. Every time I was annoyed or even angry at one of my roommates Sally pooped on his carpet or doormat. Luckily he didn’t notice, Sally was good at looking innocent and I’m good at cleaning quickly and hopefully he will never read this.

Sally learned to  “sit” and “give paw” before Farah 
and Lena from the Norwegian Embassy came into the KAT Centre. They wanted to adopt a dog, and not a puppy, but when Sally came running and gave paw to Farah their hearts melted. In the end they didn’t take the decision, but Sally did. They took her home on the same day.

Although it was tough to see her go and going home alone afterwards I still can’t stop smiling. She found the perfect home and the KAT-Centre and myself had an influence on her life. The staff at KAT make a little bit fun of me that I had to let my baby go. But yes, I had to and it warms my heart to know that she found a good home now.