Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A new sponsor for our new Facebook Campaign

Sidhanta Shrestha who works for IT company called  Procit in the Netherlands, to be a sponsor of our new Facebook campaign for rabies vaccinations (which we will start soon). Procit generously donated 100 euros! He has also raised funds from his colleagues here in Nepal. Thanks to Procit, Sidhanta and IT himalaya for their love and support to KAT.

We need more sponsor for this campaign, so will  you ask your employer, friends, or family to sponsor the campaign?

Support us make this campaign a success, together we can make a difference.

KAT Centre

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kali: Traveling to Switzerland!


Kali is already in Switzerland for about two weeks now, but I didn't really have the time to tell you everything, sorry 'bout that. But now she's sleeping, snoring and dreaming next to me on the sofa and I have time to write a post here. ^^

But let's start from the beginning. Some of you may allready know the first part of Kali's story, the ones of you who don't can read it all here: Kali: The Story

That last post ended with the very great news that we had found someone who would accompany Kali on her flight. But then again, there were problems with the airline and we had to cancel it. So the search began again... And it was a desperate search.

With every passing day and week it seemed more unlike that we would find someone to accompany Kali and so we started to search for other ways to let Kali travel. And we found one in Qatar!

Qatar Cargo Airways transports probably everything you could transport with airplanes: vulnerable goods, dangerous goods, fresh food and - live animals!
We contacted them right away and asked if it would be possible to send Kali from Kathmandu to Zurich in Switzerland. Luckily the answer was yes and we started to organize everything.

After that we had some minor problems with getting all the right documents and some other smaller or bigger problems. A few examples? ^^

Qatar said, they would need an import permit for the dog from the Swiss customs. So I sent the vets from KAT to get all the documents from the official vet in Kathmandu to get that import permit. Then, I sent all those documents to the Swiss Border Veterinarians to give us the import permit. They then said, they would not give us that permit, because the transport would be done by a company (Qatar Cargo Airways) and not by a private person, and that non-private transports would neither get nor need an import permit..... Yes. Such things happen when you try to send a dog from Asia over Arabia to Europe. But nevermind. =)

After having sorted out that, I started panicking, because I could not get in contact with the KAT (due to their broken internet connection) and I didn't know, if they got the transport box for Kali. Yaiza helped us a lot there, forwarding messages from me to the KAT and vice versa. Thank you!

Again, everything seemed to be okay when I got the news that Kali got her transport box. But it wasn't over yet. When I asked Qatar how I could pay the transport, they said we would have to search a handling agent. A handling agent? There were only a few days left untill Kali's flight and now I should search and find a handling agent? How was I supposed to do that? Again, the transport seemed doomed to fail.
My dad gave calls to both Qatar offices in Kathmandu and Doha and they told him, that the office in Kathmandu would contact a handling agent and that everthing was fine, and that they somehow got this wrong in the e-mail they sent us.

I must confess, at that point I had lost all hope, that this transport would work out. I became desperate. I know, I was a pain in the ass in those days to everyone around me and in touch with me. I'm sorry. =)

The day of Kali's flight came nearer & nearer and still, I could not believe that it really would work out. Nevertheless we went to buy dog beds, food & water bowls, a leash and dog food.

But it worked out and I got the news that Kali was departed from Kathmandu! Fantastic news!
I could track the flight online and so I did, all day long and half the night (I couldn't have slept anyway ^^). I've probably never been so nervous as in those hours we spent waiting for Kali at the airport in Zurich... It was horrible... ^^

After running around at the airport from one office to the next, back to first, showing everywhere all our documents (and everyone taking copies of everything) we were there; in front of that huge gate, waiting for little Kali to be brought out to us.

And then, finally, after half a year we met again! Lovely little Kali, grown a bit bigger and fatter (a good sign ^^), but still the most beautiful, happy dog. First, she didn't recognize me but after we had taken her out from her box and walked a bit she suddenly started to jump up at me, like she always did when we where still both in Kathmandu. I'm sure she recognized me then.

She found me, when she was in biggest need of help, when no one thought she would survive another night. And now she's here in Switzerland, sleeping after a good walk and a bowl of fresh meat.

It has been a hard time, since I found her at the Pashupatinth Temple, but I'm glad for it and everything's fine now.
Thank you, Kali.

// Simona


This post is already too long, so I will post photos and more stories of what Kali already experienced here in Switzerland in the next few days. But one photo just needs to be shown here: