Sunday, January 29, 2012

Introducing the old crowd...

You all know our recent volunteers, the ones that have already left and now Yaiza and Ala who just came to KAT, so it is really, really about time that we introduced us, the volunteers who started this blog and were "always" here...

First, let me introduce Simona. She and Marie actually had this briliant idea to create the blog. Simona is from Switzerland and spent 2 months at KAT, after she had finished school. While she was in Nepal, she learned that she got accepted at university for vetinary science, so she started studying in Zurich in September 2011. At the moment, she is in the process of getting Kali to Switzerland, and we all keep our fingers crossed that it is finally working out. You remember Kali? She made a blog post about her, the skinny naked puppy she found at Pashupatinath...Simona has been a dedicated volunteer, and even raised money for KAT in Switzerland by selling home-made dog biscuits! We hope very much that she will come back to Nepal soon!

Marie started at KAT on the same day as me, so we were both new and found our way around together. Marie is from Sweden and has been in Nepal for a year, because her boyfriend is working here. Sadly, she will leave Nepal in a few days and go back to Sweden. Marie is actually a biologist and besides a caring volunteer, very sporty! She used to go to KAT every day from Lazimpat on her bike! It was very fun working with her and I will miss her heaps - there is a chance that she will come back to Nepal for holidays and I am already looking forward to that.

In Autumn, Andrea from Ireland joined us at KAT. Andrea is a nurse and has been doing good all over Asia in her life. She is a very gentle person, and cares especially for the very sick dogs and cats. She sometimes sits in some sunny spot for ages, holding a dog or a cat in her lap, because it needs to be on the drip or can't move - she gives so much comfort to these poor souls, that would otherwise be lost in the hustle and bustle at KAT. She will at least stay until spring and I very much hope that she will be with us even longer, although life at the KAT Centre had been quite harsh on her, because giving your heart to the very sick dogs means that if they don't make it, it's broken. Despite it, she has proven to be a strong person and to start afresh as soon as there is yet again an animal in need of her gentle touch. Molly (who introduced herself in the Athena-post) sent me this beautiful picture of Andrea on Kukur Tihar with the little dog she was taking home and which got so much better under her care - sadly, it had to be put down, when the Mama-dog was rabid.

Then there is me. I started working at the KAT Centre in August and plan to do so for the next 3,5 years, since my husband is working in Kathmandu. I find volunteering at the KAT Centre the most useful occupation I ever had, and although we experience very, very sad things, we also see the good we do every single day.

After my holidays home in Germany, I will introduce the dedicated staff at the KAT Centre to you, because without them, nothing at the KAT Centre would work!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Say hello to Yaiza and Ala!

The KAT Centre has two new volunteers, Yaiza from Switzerland and Ala, a young vet, from Poland. Yaiza will stay with KAT until the 8th of March, Ala even longer.

Yaiza has even already adopted a dog! A little puppy came to the KAT Centre on Tuesday and found a home in the convent Yaiza is staying. Ala is one of the best volunteer vets we had so far, always running around and doing things for the dogs.

Marie is leaving Nepal next week, and I am going on holidays to Germany next week, too, so I am especially happy that the dogs are getting the little extra-care we volunteers were giving them now from Yaiza and Ala.
This reminds me that we planned from the beginning to introduce the KAT staff to you - I will begin with that as soon as I am back from my holidays. And I hope Yaiza and Ala will share some stories from the KAT Centre with you in the meantime! :)


Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Puppies looking for a home!

Puppy season is not over! We have app. 10 puppies at the KAT Centre which are in need of a new home and loving people to take care of them. Some came alone to the KAT Centre, they were found on the street without a mother or an owner in sight, and one or two came with their mothers. All of them are in quite good health (one has a little mange but is in treatment) and very playful and love to cuddle up to you and sit on your lap. Also, keep in mind that a dog from the KAT Centre is of course for free and you have one year of free medical treatment! So please tell everyone who might be interested and is able to care for a puppy about our cute little fellows!