Monday, July 9, 2012

A well spent Saturday morning in Kathmandu

A beautiful morning it was last Saturday at the farmer’s market located at the 1905 restaurant in Kantipath. A number of dedicated volunteers set up a table with delicious homemade cupcakes for sale, a donation box as well as informational pamphlets for educational purposes. Facing this table was a large display of precious dogs up for adoption. Our goal that day was to raise funds for our well deserved dogs and cats at the KAT center and what a success it was!! What was fascinating is that people made donations without any hesitation. Some explored their options on adopting and some were curious and wanted to know more about our accomplishments at the center. Without hesitation we were proud to inform them of our work. This was a great way to interact with the public and cultivate a relationship with future adopters and supporters. They encouraged and praised our work as volunteers at the shelter. They value our hard work and even more the animals will benefit from such generosity. The money donated is used towards medical supplies, equipment and essential pet products such as leaches, collars, food bowls, etc.  

The KAT center depends solely on donations to provide care, treatments and sterilizations for the stray dog and cat population of Kathmandu. All contributions, great or small can go a long way at the KAT center. Volunteers are welcomed and donations are gratefully appreciated for a cause that serves both the stray and human population of Nepal.

Veterinarian without Borders student volunteer,
Catherine Elli Nicolaou
Left: Kimberly, Kneeling: Colin and Ami, Right: Sophie and myself

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