Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Journey to KAT

My journey to KAT began in 2010 when Lesley came into my class at Polytech promoting a KAT Center fundraiser. As an animal lover I was intrigued but took no further action at this time. 6 months later when planning my own international trip I decided to google the KAT Centre , as I read through the web site I decided that Nepal would be my destination and the Center would be my goal.

Taking on three jobs, 6-7 days a week for the next two years I made my goal a possibility and when my volunteer application was accepted it became a reality.
Arriving at the KAT gates on the 5th of June with a huge sense of personal satisfaction I knocked and waited.

I was greeted by a pack of barking, curious, friendly dogs and Richa, the volunteer co coordinator.
I was completely overwhelmed by the introduction and as I was given the tour I had a feeling of helplessness, I wasn't sure where to begin or what I should do.

Stacey, another volunteer took me under her wing. The most important thing I could do was love them, cuddle them and be kind.I started with the ABC dogs (mostly the females in for sterilization) they seemed the most frightened and disorientated.

In turn I went into each kennel softly and slowly. I sat with them, pet them, brushed them and talked to them until they game me their acceptance and relaxed.

My role at the KAT Center is to show these beautiful, kind, loving, very confused and scared dogs kindness and love while they reside at the center.

Once these dogs have recovered from treatment they are released back into the community they live in.
As I walk through the streets of Thamel I'm pleased to see the work the KAT Center does, the dogs in the street are mostly tagged, happy, healthy and in a community that may not own them but looks out for them just the same.
My time with the dogs has lifted my heart and encouraged an awareness of other cultures and species. It has changed my life.



  1. I am very interested in volunteering at the KAT Center ans would really appreciate if any one could give me any sort of information about it and Nepal as well. I am from Kelowna, BC Canada and have never travelled to Nepal or done anything like this before. Any sort of advice would be helpful!
    If you would like to email me some information that would be great as well!

  2. Welcome Amie, I hope lots of dogs will overcome their fear towards people. I wish you good productive internship over here.

    @Jessy: Please visit for information regarding KAT centre. Also you can send email to for more information that you seek. As there are already more volunteers from overseas, I hope someone surely can help you out.