Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kimmie, an aspiring veterinary student and her experience of volunteering at KAT Centre

I knew that I wanted to volunteer with animals in a country that needed me most. After some exploring the web, I stumbled upon Kat Centre's website. Looking at the before and after pictures of the dogs treated by Kat Centre, I knew that these people are truly making a difference. I was on the next plane to Kathmandu to meet and treat the animals.

As an aspiring veterinary student I was really looking for the opportunity to learn everything I can about animal medicine. Every day I get to assist veterinary volunteers with the treatment of a wide array of health issues. We have about 25 in house dogs that are up for adoption, some of which require daily medications. As much as I want to list something about every dog's kind personalities and treatment needs, I will resist. 
You will just have to come meet them yourself, and maybe even take one home with you 

We also take in several street dogs a month that have been seriously injured or have some sort of disease. Kat Centre really tries its hardest to treat these animals until they are well enough to be re-released back into the region in which they were found.  This has been the greatest hands on classroom I could hope for. I have assisted in casting legs, learned what medications are used in treatments, seen several surgeries and the list goes on…

I have been working in an American animal shelter for the past year, and admittedly there are some differences. The Kat Centre has taught me that none of these differences matter. You work with what you have and do what you can to see that the animals here are happy and healthy. 

I am sitting in a computer room locate inside Kat Centre writing this blog. I have a dog on each side of me as well as one on my lap. This place has been more than a volunteer opportunity for me, it's my home. I fly back to America in just two days and I can't help but wish I could take the entire staff, the many volunteers and all the 25 in house dogs back with me!

- Kimberly Wright ( Kimmie)

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  1. Best of luck Kimmie; hope you'll be back again sometime later to do best with what you do always best. I hope you can spread few words on KAT and possibly raise some funds for these poor dogs.