Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Happy End At Last!

Since one year, Winnie has been a resident of the KAT Centre. She was brought in with a crushed foot on her hind leg, the result of a car accident. Simona called her Winnie straight away, since her soft fur and the colour of the fur reminded her of the bear Winnie the Pooh.

The leg began to heal, and although she misses her claws on that foot, we were all hopeful that she'd use that foot again. But the months went by and it was clear that she would probably never use it - but still she is able to walk and hop around. She led quite a lazy life at KAT though, because walking was still inconvenient for her and she is also not too fond of other dogs.

You can not imagine how happy I was when Kanak Dixit, one of KAT's board members, told me that it was him that rescued Winnie and that he wants to adopt her for his Spinal Rehabilitation Centre! So today was the happy day when we loaded Winnie into the car and made our way out to Dhulikel to her new home.

When we arrived, Winnie was very eager to get out of the car and seemed to feel at home immediately. While I was given a tour of the place, Winnie came with us and met all the super nice staff of the place and the wonderful patients. It is a quiet, cheerful place and Winnie is allowed to move around everywhere, in the garden or in the wards or the canteen, and I am sure she will make many patients' days brighter!