Monday, May 7, 2012

Kali: Photos!

I'm very sorry for being late with my post (again). But with a dog and university, there's nearly no time for anything else anymore. But I promised some more photos of Kali in Switzerland & here they are finally:

By now I'm quite sure, that Kali is the most amazing dog ever! She's been toilet trained from the first day she was at our home. She's great with other dogs and always wants to play with everyone. Even with the really, really old ones. Most of the kids we meet are okay as well, as soon as they don't touch her paws, she doens't like that. Also, she's okay with traveling by car, bus and train and mostly falls asleep after only a few minutes. She's not even scared by all the people at the main trainstation in Zurich! Lately we started training her to wear a muzzle, because we will spend some of our summer holiday in Italy and there dogs have to wear a muzzle on boats & trains/buses. And after only a few days, she already fine with wearing it. We also already trained 'sit', 'down', 'jump on' and 'go to your dog bed'. :-)

The only problem we have at the moment is that she can't stay alone in Zurich yet (at our home in Savognin it's no problem though). So, for the time being, she either comes with me to university (she's allowed for certain lectures to join) or I bring her to a place that's like a kindergarten for dogs. ^^ It's not directly like a shelter; the dogs stay there in two groups, one for the big dogs and a second one for the smaller ones. Each of the groups has it's own big room, full of cusions, dog beds & toys, where they can play together or sleep. Around lunch time all the dogs are taken out for a long walk. I think it's very nice for Kali to have her dog-pack there some days a week – it's similar to the inhouse-dog pack she lived with at the KAT Centre.

And now the photos: 

Kali's flight from Doha landet in Zurich.
Customs at Zurich Airport. A horrible place, I tell you.
One of the wheels of the transport box broke during the
transport, that's why the box is standing so tilted.

First steps in Switzerland!

Tired Kali... ^^

Enjoying the sun.

Viktoria, her husband Martin and her mum Dolores visited us in
Savognin and we went on a ride with the horse-sledge. ^^

Viktoria promissed to show some more photos, I'm sure she'll upload them as well.

There was snow in Savognin untill mid-April. Very, very tiring for everyone. Everyone but the dogs! Most dogs I know seem to love snow and so does Kali. She loves to run around in great circles and dive in the deeper snow. So here's some photos of Kali in her beloved snow:

The Goof.

Kali does not yet come back everytime I call her, that's why she wears that
very long leash. It's 20 meters long, but very light. With that leash, she can
round around pretty much as if she would be off-leash, but if she doesn't
listen or there's danger ahead, I can get her under control again very easy.

So, that should be enough for the moment. But I'll make sure to show some more photos of Kali, it's springtime now. :D

All the best!

I missed one of the photos, it's from the airport when Kali arrived and thus far my favourite of the two of us together:


  1. Yey! You're wearing your monkey hat! I'll post some pictures soon, I promise, but the ones you have are already very nice!


  2. Haha, sure I do! And next time you come visiting us, you'll have to bring me an Angry Birds hat too. ^^


  3. They even have the other birds, not only the red ones. I'll get one two, I love the black fat ones and we'll play angry birds and jump into buildings!