Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goodbye Andrea!

Andrea, who has been at the KAT Centre since last autumn, left Nepal on Sunday to go to Ireland to get a health checkup. The real sad thing is that I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye, there was a Bandha so I couldn't go to the Centre since Thursday and Andrea had lost her phone so I couldn't call her! Well, Andrea, I hope you read this, have safely arrived in Ireland and will hopefully be back soon!

Andrea will be sorely missed. She was the oldest of us girls and sometimes like a mother - we could always come to her with our little worries. She might not have been as 'active' as a lot of the other volunteers, always busily running around, but that was a big advantage - she always had time to comfort a dog waking up after operation, soothe an animal, be it dog or cat, on the drip or sit with the scared or bored dogs in the isolation. She made many dog's day brighter - and also mine.

Get well, don't forget us and come back soon, Andrea!


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