Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cats at KAT

KAT has three lovely kittens at the moment, which came in with their mother. Two little black ones with odd white spots and a little tiger. It is a delight to see them play and jump up on eachother! This picture was taken during their nap time though - isn't that a beautiful family idyll?

The kittens are about 6 weeks old and still drinking their mother's milk. Give them another 2 weeks and they are ready to be adopted, and also their beautiful mum will need a home.

The other cat living with them is our beautiful three-legged cat. She came in with a big swollen foot and was so skinny and looked so miserable. She was also very shy. At KAT, she recovered quickly, gained some weight, got nice shiny fur and became my personal favourite, since she loves to cuddle and be with you. But the foot didn't get any better and our vets diagnosed that it is some kind of tumor and if the leg is not taken off, it will spread - so it might be better to euthanise it. We all thought about it and decided to give that cat a chance. Her leg was taken off about a month ago, and the first few days she was truely miserable. I cried everytime I saw her and I thought she would never be happy again.

But it is amazing to see animals adapt to different circumstances, we people could really set them as an example: She started walking and climbing and is now as happy as ever! She is truely beautiful and loves to sit on your lap and purrs wildly! I love her so much and I would be so happy if this cat finds a home - she should be an indoor cat though, because without her fourth leg, she can't run away quickly from dogs or cars. She is the perfect companion so if you're looking for a cat, consider her - her inner beauty makes up for the missing leg!


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