Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hi everyone,

the blog has been quiet for quite a while now, but don't think that this is also the case at the KAT Centre - the opposite is quite true! We have all been very busy at the Centre, and that's the reason why nobody had time to write a blog post.

First of all, in case it slipped anybody's mind, yes, we still have dogs and puppies for adoption! One of them is Mia, at the KAT Centre only since a few days, an adorable little thing which looks like a worn out little teddy bear, but is recovering from her mange very quickly and loves to play with the other dogs in our isolation unit.

Then, we have had a lot of great volunteers in the past; Yaiza and Ala are still with us, but we had several young people from Germany and Switzerland and Natalie, a great vet from USA, with us for a few weeks. Also Adrian, a young irish man whom you see in one of KAT Centre's new promotion videos is at the Centre for 4 weeks and doing so many good things for the dogs and cats.

Also, we have started to sell home-made muffins and cupcakes at the Farmer's Market at the 1905 Restaurant on saturdays, which has brought a lot of funds urgently needed. A few people even approached our stall with the wish to adopt a dog! So if you want to have a sweet bite, you find us there every second Saturday (next one is on the 14th of April)!

Another problem which needs to be solved is the food quality for the dogs at the Centre. Up to now, they are getting rice with lentils and vegetables and chicken scraps. The problem is, that the meat we get consists of a lot of bones, and poultry bones can be very harmful. We have approached a poultry farm in Kathmandu which is also selling dog food meat but without bones at supermarkets to buy it from them or get it maybe even donated. Let's see if that works out! If you know any other meat factories that would sell their scraps like intestines to us, please let us know! 

And since Sebastian, a very nice German gardener, has cleared up the down-hill area of the KAT property, we are thinking what we should do with that additional area. We would need more space for cats and also a bigger isolation unit, where the dogs have more area to move and run around would be a good idea! We are deciding on that at the moment and I will tell you about it soon.

So, you see, things at KAT are moving. If you see anyway you could help us, please do. If you're in Kathmandu, maybe you want to give some time to the dogs or help us with the fundraising, maybe even adopt a dog, and if you're abroad, you can still raise awareness and ask your friends and family to support KAT. Or maybe approach animal magazines and tv shows to make a little report about KAT (for example, there is an article about KAT in the German dog magazine "Partner Hund" and somebody who has read it wants to donate an X-ray machine!). You see, there are many things you can do to help us! Every little bit counts!


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  1. Nice to hear that the down-hill area is also being utilized. It is quite a big area and lots of possibilities on how we can go on with that.

    More isolation units where dogs can rest in quite and dog's big playground can be there so we can have the main garden utilized for more other front-end tasks.