Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two more puppies looking for love

This is one new puppy looking for a loving home...he was brought in yesterday by a woman who found him limping on the street. He's alright now and we already dewormed and vaccinated him, so now all he needs in love and attention. He is a plump little darling, making everyone laugh when he runs about being mischievous. He's about 2 months old and will be a medium sized dog. Looks a bit like a Rottweiler, doesn't he?

And this is the other one. She came in a few days earlier, she was bitten by a big street dog. Lucky she's alive really, as often such incidents result in the pup dying due to internal bleeding. We are still treating her bite wounds, but they're looking better and better each day. It is quite painful to clean and disinfect wounds, but she keeps on wagging her little tail and licking me throughout. A real sweetie! She's about 3 months old and will be a medium sized dog with a long coat. Please adopt!


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