Saturday, February 18, 2012

The two baldies

A few days ago two new dogs arrived at KAT centre, both suffering from sarcoptic mange. Mange is a parasitic skin disease, which is very itchy for the dog. Constant scratching causes hair to fall out and painful wounds to form. These wounds get infected causing even more pain. While rarely seen in the western world, here in Nepal mangy dogs are a common sight on the streets. They don't look very pretty, so most people are afraid of them and so these dogs are often victims of animal cruelty, being poisoned or beaten.


BABOON  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

LUTE (in Nepali that means 'Mangy')

Can you see the hidden beauty in them?
(check out our blog in the next 2 months to see them after treatment)

//Yaiza & Ala

1 comment:

  1. With mange or without mange, they are same from inside; always beautiful. Yeah, the outlook caused by mange can frighten many people here but with treatment this can be fixed so nothing to worry with the dog with mange.

    Human can get infected with Sarcoptic mange if not taken care about hygiene but the mite can't adapt well in humans. It can be easily cleared with prescribed skin creams. But for few's itchy :)