Friday, February 3, 2012

Puppies for adoption

We still have a lot of puppies, wich are searching a good home. To support them, I'll introduce today four of them to you.


Rascal is a 4 months old, female puppy. She's very playful, energetic and loves to be at first place. When she's grown, she will be a medium sized dog. You can recognize her at her black, a little longer hair and her fast sprints and jumps all over KAT. We dewormed and vaccinated her, so that she's really ready for a new home! She will be a sporty, playful friend for you, and for sure she will keep your house in safety day and night.


Mikey is a 2.5 months old, really lovely puppy, that will be a big dog, when he's grown. He's dewormed and vaccinated too and just waiting for his new home. With his sensitive and intelligent caracter, he's one of the most liked puppies in KAT. Incredible that he was a really scared dog, when he came to KAT! Now, he likes to be with humans, and get some love from us.
With he's sandy colour, he's looking really beautiful:


Assistant is a female, very intelligent puppie. She's dewormed, but at the moment not healthy. She got the Parvo-Virus and is now fighting for her life. She has a wonderful caracter, so that everyone is deeply touched by the situation and wants to fight for her. We call her assistant, because we are allways accompanied by her, when we treat another dog. She sits down and looks to your eyes, as she wants to learn or help something. She's such a great dog and needs a really good home, where people love her and she can be a good friend and partner for her humans.


Husky is a female, dewormed puppie, that will be a medium height dog, when she's grown. She's three months old and her face looks like a small husky head, that's why we call her Husky. Her calm, friendly and still playful caracter is very lovely. Like all the puppies in KAT, she's used to be with children and other dogs and searching a home with space to run and play.

So, if you interested in one of these, other puppies or adult dogs, visit us at KAT and we'll tell you more about our lovely dogs for adoption. Meet, play and fall in love with them :-) .And don't forget, that a dog from KAT, has one year free medical treatment and is of course for free!
We're looking forward to meet you there.


  1. Oh no, Assistant is sick? I hope she will recover really soon, she is such a funny, beautiful dog!!! My thoughts are with you!


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