Thursday, February 23, 2012

Join us in a new campaign!

We’re planning an exciting new campaign to raise awareness about the KAT Centre through Facebook, and we want YOU to help! Here’s how it might work:

Update your Facebook status and vaccinate a street dog!
● On your Facebook page, put a link to the KAT Centre ( or or a photo of yourself feeding a street dog or cat. Tag the KAT Centre.
● Email the link to your Facebook page to
[ a sponsor ] will donate a rabies vaccine to the KAT Centre, to vaccinate a street dog.
1 update = 1 vaccinated dog!

We’re seeking a sponsor to donate the rabies vaccines. The cost of one vaccine is £ 1, US$2, or NRs 150. It’s impossible to predict how many people will participate in the campaign, but we expect a couple hundred responses.

The KAT Centre will promote the campaign, including the name of the sponsor (if the sponsor wants), through KAT’s website, Facebook page, this blog, our email newsletter, and a press release. These will reach thousands and thousands of people.

The sponsor will benefit by the promotion, and by being associated with a well-respected animal welfare charity.

Please contact if you’re interested in cooperating with the KAT Centre on this campaign!


  1. Thanks Gregg and Richa. It was nice to talking with you guys on this campaign.

  2. Streptococcus ........=cancer