Thursday, February 23, 2012

Join us in a new campaign!

We’re planning an exciting new campaign to raise awareness about the KAT Centre through Facebook, and we want YOU to help! Here’s how it might work:

Update your Facebook status and vaccinate a street dog!
● On your Facebook page, put a link to the KAT Centre ( or or a photo of yourself feeding a street dog or cat. Tag the KAT Centre.
● Email the link to your Facebook page to
[ a sponsor ] will donate a rabies vaccine to the KAT Centre, to vaccinate a street dog.
1 update = 1 vaccinated dog!

We’re seeking a sponsor to donate the rabies vaccines. The cost of one vaccine is £ 1, US$2, or NRs 150. It’s impossible to predict how many people will participate in the campaign, but we expect a couple hundred responses.

The KAT Centre will promote the campaign, including the name of the sponsor (if the sponsor wants), through KAT’s website, Facebook page, this blog, our email newsletter, and a press release. These will reach thousands and thousands of people.

The sponsor will benefit by the promotion, and by being associated with a well-respected animal welfare charity.

Please contact if you’re interested in cooperating with the KAT Centre on this campaign!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The two baldies

A few days ago two new dogs arrived at KAT centre, both suffering from sarcoptic mange. Mange is a parasitic skin disease, which is very itchy for the dog. Constant scratching causes hair to fall out and painful wounds to form. These wounds get infected causing even more pain. While rarely seen in the western world, here in Nepal mangy dogs are a common sight on the streets. They don't look very pretty, so most people are afraid of them and so these dogs are often victims of animal cruelty, being poisoned or beaten.


BABOON  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

LUTE (in Nepali that means 'Mangy')

Can you see the hidden beauty in them?
(check out our blog in the next 2 months to see them after treatment)

//Yaiza & Ala

Two more puppies looking for love

This is one new puppy looking for a loving home...he was brought in yesterday by a woman who found him limping on the street. He's alright now and we already dewormed and vaccinated him, so now all he needs in love and attention. He is a plump little darling, making everyone laugh when he runs about being mischievous. He's about 2 months old and will be a medium sized dog. Looks a bit like a Rottweiler, doesn't he?

And this is the other one. She came in a few days earlier, she was bitten by a big street dog. Lucky she's alive really, as often such incidents result in the pup dying due to internal bleeding. We are still treating her bite wounds, but they're looking better and better each day. It is quite painful to clean and disinfect wounds, but she keeps on wagging her little tail and licking me throughout. A real sweetie! She's about 3 months old and will be a medium sized dog with a long coat. Please adopt!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Goodbye Mango

Yesterday was a very sad day at KAT as we had to put Mango the KAT mascot to sleep. Mango has been sick for a long time, battling with arthritis, hypothyroidism and other age-related problems. Recently he had deteriorated very quickly and bloodwork revealed advanced kidney failure. Mango had been the first dog treated at KAT and a wonderful, much-loved dog who lived at the shelter for 8 years. He was part of the family and it was heartbreaking to see his suffering, so we all agreed that euthanasia would be most kind. Still it was a very sad day. Many of us, including myself, were close to tears. Goodbye Mango, R.I.P.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

New puppy for adoption!

Are you thinking of adopting a puppy?
Look at this sweet little girl who just arrived at KAT yesterday!
She's about 2 months old and a very cheerful puppy. She literally leaps into your arms when you come near. She will not be a very big dog, probably knee-high and definitely a great and grateful companion. She's already dewormed and vaccinated, just looking for a loving home...


Friday, February 3, 2012

Puppies for adoption

We still have a lot of puppies, wich are searching a good home. To support them, I'll introduce today four of them to you.


Rascal is a 4 months old, female puppy. She's very playful, energetic and loves to be at first place. When she's grown, she will be a medium sized dog. You can recognize her at her black, a little longer hair and her fast sprints and jumps all over KAT. We dewormed and vaccinated her, so that she's really ready for a new home! She will be a sporty, playful friend for you, and for sure she will keep your house in safety day and night.


Mikey is a 2.5 months old, really lovely puppy, that will be a big dog, when he's grown. He's dewormed and vaccinated too and just waiting for his new home. With his sensitive and intelligent caracter, he's one of the most liked puppies in KAT. Incredible that he was a really scared dog, when he came to KAT! Now, he likes to be with humans, and get some love from us.
With he's sandy colour, he's looking really beautiful:


Assistant is a female, very intelligent puppie. She's dewormed, but at the moment not healthy. She got the Parvo-Virus and is now fighting for her life. She has a wonderful caracter, so that everyone is deeply touched by the situation and wants to fight for her. We call her assistant, because we are allways accompanied by her, when we treat another dog. She sits down and looks to your eyes, as she wants to learn or help something. She's such a great dog and needs a really good home, where people love her and she can be a good friend and partner for her humans.


Husky is a female, dewormed puppie, that will be a medium height dog, when she's grown. She's three months old and her face looks like a small husky head, that's why we call her Husky. Her calm, friendly and still playful caracter is very lovely. Like all the puppies in KAT, she's used to be with children and other dogs and searching a home with space to run and play.

So, if you interested in one of these, other puppies or adult dogs, visit us at KAT and we'll tell you more about our lovely dogs for adoption. Meet, play and fall in love with them :-) .And don't forget, that a dog from KAT, has one year free medical treatment and is of course for free!
We're looking forward to meet you there.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goodbye Marie

Yesterday, Marie had her last day at KAT.
We want to give her a huge THANK YOU on the way. She was a great volunteer, always caring and helping at the right place. I appreciate her especially because of her energy, with wich she a lot of fun to KAT brought.
We'll all miss her and for sure she felt it, as she wanted to leave and the stuff didn't let her go. So a small farewell party started and I don't want to withhold you the pictures of that. So see by yourself:

Thank you Marie!!

// Yaiza