Thursday, January 26, 2012

Say hello to Yaiza and Ala!

The KAT Centre has two new volunteers, Yaiza from Switzerland and Ala, a young vet, from Poland. Yaiza will stay with KAT until the 8th of March, Ala even longer.

Yaiza has even already adopted a dog! A little puppy came to the KAT Centre on Tuesday and found a home in the convent Yaiza is staying. Ala is one of the best volunteer vets we had so far, always running around and doing things for the dogs.

Marie is leaving Nepal next week, and I am going on holidays to Germany next week, too, so I am especially happy that the dogs are getting the little extra-care we volunteers were giving them now from Yaiza and Ala.
This reminds me that we planned from the beginning to introduce the KAT staff to you - I will begin with that as soon as I am back from my holidays. And I hope Yaiza and Ala will share some stories from the KAT Centre with you in the meantime! :)


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