Friday, December 2, 2011

Saying Goodbye's again...

We have had a few dedicated volunteers over the past weeks and Marie and me as the "permanent volunteers" try to acknowledge them here.
So this time it is Marie Eve, a vet from Belgium, we had to say farewell to, after 4 great weeks she spent with us at the KAT Centre. She has made a huge impact on the dogs' health, on the work of the staff and on our lives.

She is the one that suggested the physio therapy for Yoyo, she is the one that kept looking into books until late at night to learn about unsual cases, she is the one that kept us laughing for hours with her funny remarks. She has been persistent, consistent, responsible and I am very happy to have this young woman as a friend.

Marie Eve will now travel on to India to work with the street dogs there, afterwards she will go to a shelter in Thailand and she plans to visit Malaysia and Cambodia, too - she will be travelling Asia for 14 months, working in shelters and doing so much good! I very much hope she will come back to Nepal for a while, too, because we already miss her very much. Good luck, Marie Eve, I hope you will find hapiness and many new friends on your travels, but please don't forget us here in Kathmandu!


Me, Marie Eve and Marie in Nagarkot

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  1. aww you guys are doing such a fab job!keep it up!