Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy day!

Yesterday was indeed a happy, happy day!
I got three visitors that I had been dying to see for many days now: Iksa and Dino came to see me, and brought Kibo, the little puppy that I was being extra-mommy for a couple of weeks back. He was only hours old when Iksa and Dino brough him to KAT, with small chances of surviving without a mother, but against all odds he made it through!

I took him home and bottlefed him every two hours for the first week, and he was such an active little dog even at that young age! He had not opened his eyes yet, but was still exploring his surroundings every now and then, when he was not snuggling inside my collar. He was the sweetest little dog, and it was not easy to give him away. But as I knwe Iksa and Dino would take good care of him, it was also a very happy day when they came to pick him up and give him a home!

And so yesterday I got to see him again! He had grown so much, it was amazing! From being so small he could fit in my palm, he was now a fine puppy (with eyes!), although he was a bit scared being at a new, unfamiliar place. He didn't recongize me for a second even, haha! But oh, was it good to see him. And knowing that we gave him a chance, which he grabbed with both paws. Good luck in the future, allt three of you =)

This was Kibo only four days old!
Some things have changed, but he's still the sweetest little dog. He now has a friend to play with, as Dino found another pup on the street and took him home. They are roughly the same age and do have a lot of fun together =)

// Marie


  1. So happy that he is doing well.

  2. Yeah, so do I!! I didn't dare to hope too much before, but now I'm quite confident he will stay alive =)
    / Marie