Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feed a street dog - create awareness Part Two

What can I say?! Since the Leo Club Kathmandu Regency and I Choose Volunteering Nepal had partnered up with us, this event was supported by so many people, that I can't say "Thank you" often enough! Thanks to everyone who was there and also thanks to everyone who wanted to come but couldn't due to the bandha.

We had a great time handing out pamphlets at New Road Gate and sending people off to feed the dogs elsewhere in the city and give out flyers there. We experienced very interested people and hope we will have made an impact in a lot of ways - telling people what KAT does, telling people that it is possible to adopt a dog from the KAT Centre and giving advise on how to care for a dog. And last but not least, we had a lot of fun!

Thanks again, people! You help to make the world a better place!


1 comment:

  1. Yes, indeed, it was great experience volunteering the event organized from KAT and Leo club. Even the small treat one day do not make any change on dogs, but I hope we spread the message well to people of some areas about KAT and love for street dogs.

    I hope one day people will start to love street dogs as they love their pet dogs.

    There is only one difference between street dogs and pet dogs.....the latter one has home and people to take care of them.