Sunday, December 11, 2011

Athena, her mother, and their story.

Hi everyone. My name is Molly English. I'm an American who's living in Kathmandu with her Nepali boyfriend, Pratik. We volunteer whenever we can at KAT and try to organize programs for them. This is our story.

Let me set the scene for you:

One night, I was walking home since I was forced to take the buses home. It was dark, but I did see this incredibly skinny dog. With her, she had a small puppy, whose home was basically piles of cow crap and a piece of wood leaned against the a wall. I fed the dog some food I had on me and promised to call KAT about it ASAP.

A few days later, worried about the dog, I went to the same spot to find them. When I found her again, in DAYLIGHT, I was shocked with horror. This dog looked like she was on the very edge of death. Below, I will explain some of her problems with photos and text.

Here you can see that one of her eyes was freakishly enlarged. To this day, I still don't know what caused this.

Here, you can see how incredibly skinny the female dog was. Imagine having no income of a food source and trying to feed puppies? It's not a surprise only one puppy survived.

Here you can see a large mass on her bottom. This is a condition in which the sex organs "fall" or come out side of the body; this is usually due to too many pregnancies in a short time or hard labor immediately after a giving birth (the latter of the two still happens today to women in Nepal who give birth and go right away back to working in the fields). 

The pain must have been horrible. She was unable to even sit down.

The same day, KAT arrived to pick her up and I took the puppy home.
Unfortunately, they too were amazed at the horrendous condition she was living in. Once the vets examined her, they all agreed the most humane thing to do was put her down as soon as possible. They said she was in  an enormous amount of pain. 

I was shocked to hear this. Holding the her unnamed puppy in my arms, I realized this puppy was now an orphan. This dog couldn't go back to the streets and survive. 

So Pratik and I washed the puppy and have kept her at our home for the last week.
Even though she was only one month old (or so), she was healing from several dog bites. She also has roundworms. She had an infestation of dog lice which were causing her to lose hair on her chest.

Because with all the odds against her, this puppy really shouldn't have survived. I decided the best name for her was Athena, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.

Here is Athena.

Pratik here is washing her with puppy shampoo, mainly because not only was she living on the street, but sleeping in  piles of cow dung.

This is the biggest healing wound, found on her back.

A very loving puppy, great with other dogs, our cat, and people in general.
Athena followed us around in the house and slept with us in our bed. I was already missing Athena after we dropped her off at KAT. But she was there for only TWO days when, BAM! She was adopted :)

This was such great news. There are many puppies and batches of puppies at KAT, so it is difficult to get them aadopted. However, an American couple who really love animals came in, and fell in love with Athena.

I'm really torn because of how attached we grew to her, but she got the best outcome possible. We're happy for her.
Good news for KAT, for me, for all of the street dogs of Nepal.  Athena will be a GREAT dog.

Me giving Athena a warm, soapy bath to kill most of the lice on her at our home.


  1. Welcome to the KAT Blog, Molly!
    Thanks so much for saving the life of an orphaned puppy.

  2. i was very much emotional as i read the story. There are thousands of stray dogs living in miserable condition in and around katmandu valley. i think this is a very good effort to bring awareness and information to all the so called EDUCATED AND INTELLECTUAL NEPALESE people. If only all the nepalese people came together...this wouldnt be a problem at all.

  3. my tears are falling's so nice to have people like you..