Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There is hope =)

I just have to share this story, especially now that we need to hear good things after the rabies incident!

The other day, KAT recieved a phone call. It was from a German family who was just about to move back to Germany after some time spent in Kathmandu. They were however very concerned about a street dog that they had been feeding for some time, and was afraid what would happen to it when they left. It was in quite bad condition, with a severe mange and very malnourished. They were leaving the same day, but still they took the time to go out and photograph the dog and the surroundings and everything, so that Barat from the staff would find the way.
And he did find the dog and brought it in to KAT yesterday, so now he's in good hands and will hopefully recover to become a beautiful happy dog! The family even wanted to make a donation to cover for the dogs treatment and care, and immediately transferred 100 € to KAT. I'm so amazed every time I hear stories like this, it gives me great hope that one day this city will be a good place to be a dog in.

// Marie

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