Friday, November 25, 2011

More pups seeking a home!

 We have a new bunch of adorable puppies at KAT at the moment! They came in a few weeks ago, 6 of them, together with their mother, still blind and helpless and just wonderful. They are however growing up with an amazing speed, as puppies usully do, and are now roaming the grounds at KAT, leaving no heart untouched =)

They are soon getting big enough to find homes of their own, so if you want a puppy, or know someone who wants a puppy, don't hesitate to get in touch!

"Hello world!"

Yesterday we got this little sweetheart in, she was found all alone in Swayambhu, with no mother in sight. She is a bit thin but in quite good condition, and absolutely adorable! We had some thoughts about what to feed her, is she big enough to eat solid food, or should we get her some milk?

But as she is roughly the same age as the puppy litter, we decided to try and see if the mother could accept her as her own. The mother was a bit suspicious at first, but after giving her a good bath today (she was full of lice, ugh) and putting her among the other pups to get some familiar smell on her, things were all right and she was happily sucking away with her new "sibllings".

And I was almost in tears with joy, haha. The small things really matter =)

// Marie


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