Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to send your donations to Kathmandu

Still in Kathmandu, I promised my fellow volunteers to send some good stuff over for them. Especially like the small things that just kept disppearing [it has to be a lot of fun for dogs to steal brushes and the like =)].

Now I'm back home for about two months and have started my studies (of course, veterinary science).
On one of my shopping trips to the local pet shop I managed to get some usefull things and one of my fellow students, Nicole, donated something really, really great.
But you will only get to know what it is, when it arrives in Kathmandu. It's a surprise! =)

But how do you send a packet with donations from Switzerland to Nepal?

1) Find a cardboard box big enough to fit all the donations
2) Get some packing material, like those little bags filled with air
(which seem to be great cat toys, by the way)
my cats Owney & Rashid, helping with packing
3) Pack all the things into the box, but only if you checked, that no cats are left in the box
maybe Owney wants to travel to Nepal as well?
4) Stick big signs to the box, so that everyone knows to be careful with the box
5) Send it and hope it will arrive safely in Kathmandu!

We sent the packet on monday, let me know, when it arrives in Kathmandu.

// Simona

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