Monday, November 7, 2011

Dotschka or Poopee - now she has a home for live! And also another name!

Dotschka - her first name, given by Simona, didn't stick at all. I know you meant it well, Simona, and it was a cute idea, but Poopee was just so much more fitting! She grew up quickly, this week she will be 12 weeks old, and Poopee also didn't fit anymore, since she became such a good girl and only did her little business in the garden (except for a few little accidents). So I usually called her Sweety, waiting for her to go into a loving home where somebody will give her a proper name, a name she will keep forever.

I have been dreading the moment. We grew more attached to her every day. I started crying when I was only thinking about giving her away, but I knew it would be the best, we have already two cats which we brought with us from Germany, here in Kathmandu it is no problem, the cats only live upstairs and the dog is only downstairs and in the garden, but who knows where we're going next, and if we would be living only in a small apartment, it could be difficult...but this all didn't matter in the end.

Nobody wanted our beautiful dog - so we have deceided to keep her! Even if there would be somebody now, we would never think again of giving her up! She belongs to us and we belong to her, and we are so happy with the decision. So we also gave her a proper name and now she is called Auris, which comes from the Latin word Aurum which means gold - and she is golden, golden of colour, golden of heart and enriching our live. I thought I was very happy before, but now I see that in making this little dog so happy, there was even more happiness hidden.


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