Friday, November 4, 2011

Chaos at KAT

Today was a slightly chaotic day at KAT.

It was the last day for Katie, a wonderful veterinary volunteer from New Zeeland that has been at KAT for the past week, doing so much good stuff, you will be much missed!

Anyway, Katie had brought some cake for us today, but before we had time to dig in the ambulance came in. 2 rescue dogs were brought in, one had been hit by a car and was in bad shock, and needed immidient care with drip and all that.

It was also brekfast time for the dogs, and since we have so many dogs at the center now, they were everywhere, milling around and there seemed to be puppies wherever you looked =) Two hours later we got our cake though!

I was about to write a bit about mange today, a major problem for street dogs in Kathmandu. It's a skin disease caused by mites that embed themselves in the skin or the hair follicles. They cause severe itching and crusting, which often becomes infected. The hair falls off, and due to the scratching and infections, the skin cracks and bleeds. In Kathmandu, there are dogs with mange in all stages, from a little hairless patch to being completely naked and in a very poor condition. We often get in mange dogs that we try to treat, sometimes with good result, sometimes with not so good result.

We treat them with a medicine that goes into the food, and wash them regularly to get rid of dead skin and stimulate growth of healthy skin and hair. Dogs in a very poor condition are difficult to treat, since they have such dry skin and they scratch all the time. To put olive oil on the skin should be good, we heard. Other simple advices are much appreciated, if anyone have experience of this!

We just got in two dogs with severe mange just a few days ago, this is how they look today: Let's hope I have some better looking pictures of these sweet dogs in a short time!!

//  Marie

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