Thursday, November 24, 2011

A chance for Yoyo?

This is absolutely fantastic!
Marie Eve, a new vet-volunteer at KAT since a few weeks, suggested that physiotherapy (PT) might be good for Yoyo, one of the paraplectic dogs at the center. She cannot use her hind legs since a car accident this summer, and is now walking only with help. Despite this, she is one of the happiest dogs at KAT, so full of energy and life, it's just amazing. She's always happy to see any person, and if that person carries the belt to take her out for a walk, she just cannot sit still, hopping around with pure joy.

There has been talk about maybe getting her a wheelchair of some sort, but that is not the easiest thing to accomplish here. But now there might be another option!! We have been doing some simple PT with her for a couple of weeks, just bending and stretching out her legs, and trying to put some og her own weight on them when she's standing. And I might just be imagining this, but I think she's getting so much stronger!! Some muscles are working, she's pushing hard with those legs when she gets bored with the exercise and wants to go do something more useful.

I am so excited, imagine if this would work!!

// Marie


  1. It's a miracle. Only a dog can do it! They are super-strong!

  2. Yes, they have so much willpower and positive attitude. It is really something to learn from =)
    / Marie

  3. I wish she will recover and at least walk on her own. I hope human learn something from them :(