Friday, November 25, 2011

More pups seeking a home!

 We have a new bunch of adorable puppies at KAT at the moment! They came in a few weeks ago, 6 of them, together with their mother, still blind and helpless and just wonderful. They are however growing up with an amazing speed, as puppies usully do, and are now roaming the grounds at KAT, leaving no heart untouched =)

They are soon getting big enough to find homes of their own, so if you want a puppy, or know someone who wants a puppy, don't hesitate to get in touch!

"Hello world!"

Yesterday we got this little sweetheart in, she was found all alone in Swayambhu, with no mother in sight. She is a bit thin but in quite good condition, and absolutely adorable! We had some thoughts about what to feed her, is she big enough to eat solid food, or should we get her some milk?

But as she is roughly the same age as the puppy litter, we decided to try and see if the mother could accept her as her own. The mother was a bit suspicious at first, but after giving her a good bath today (she was full of lice, ugh) and putting her among the other pups to get some familiar smell on her, things were all right and she was happily sucking away with her new "sibllings".

And I was almost in tears with joy, haha. The small things really matter =)

// Marie

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A chance for Yoyo?

This is absolutely fantastic!
Marie Eve, a new vet-volunteer at KAT since a few weeks, suggested that physiotherapy (PT) might be good for Yoyo, one of the paraplectic dogs at the center. She cannot use her hind legs since a car accident this summer, and is now walking only with help. Despite this, she is one of the happiest dogs at KAT, so full of energy and life, it's just amazing. She's always happy to see any person, and if that person carries the belt to take her out for a walk, she just cannot sit still, hopping around with pure joy.

There has been talk about maybe getting her a wheelchair of some sort, but that is not the easiest thing to accomplish here. But now there might be another option!! We have been doing some simple PT with her for a couple of weeks, just bending and stretching out her legs, and trying to put some og her own weight on them when she's standing. And I might just be imagining this, but I think she's getting so much stronger!! Some muscles are working, she's pushing hard with those legs when she gets bored with the exercise and wants to go do something more useful.

I am so excited, imagine if this would work!!

// Marie

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There is hope =)

I just have to share this story, especially now that we need to hear good things after the rabies incident!

The other day, KAT recieved a phone call. It was from a German family who was just about to move back to Germany after some time spent in Kathmandu. They were however very concerned about a street dog that they had been feeding for some time, and was afraid what would happen to it when they left. It was in quite bad condition, with a severe mange and very malnourished. They were leaving the same day, but still they took the time to go out and photograph the dog and the surroundings and everything, so that Barat from the staff would find the way.
And he did find the dog and brought it in to KAT yesterday, so now he's in good hands and will hopefully recover to become a beautiful happy dog! The family even wanted to make a donation to cover for the dogs treatment and care, and immediately transferred 100 € to KAT. I'm so amazed every time I hear stories like this, it gives me great hope that one day this city will be a good place to be a dog in.

// Marie

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to send your donations to Kathmandu

Still in Kathmandu, I promised my fellow volunteers to send some good stuff over for them. Especially like the small things that just kept disppearing [it has to be a lot of fun for dogs to steal brushes and the like =)].

Now I'm back home for about two months and have started my studies (of course, veterinary science).
On one of my shopping trips to the local pet shop I managed to get some usefull things and one of my fellow students, Nicole, donated something really, really great.
But you will only get to know what it is, when it arrives in Kathmandu. It's a surprise! =)

But how do you send a packet with donations from Switzerland to Nepal?

1) Find a cardboard box big enough to fit all the donations
2) Get some packing material, like those little bags filled with air
(which seem to be great cat toys, by the way)
my cats Owney & Rashid, helping with packing
3) Pack all the things into the box, but only if you checked, that no cats are left in the box
maybe Owney wants to travel to Nepal as well?
4) Stick big signs to the box, so that everyone knows to be careful with the box
5) Send it and hope it will arrive safely in Kathmandu!

We sent the packet on monday, let me know, when it arrives in Kathmandu.

// Simona

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dotschka or Poopee - now she has a home for live! And also another name!

Dotschka - her first name, given by Simona, didn't stick at all. I know you meant it well, Simona, and it was a cute idea, but Poopee was just so much more fitting! She grew up quickly, this week she will be 12 weeks old, and Poopee also didn't fit anymore, since she became such a good girl and only did her little business in the garden (except for a few little accidents). So I usually called her Sweety, waiting for her to go into a loving home where somebody will give her a proper name, a name she will keep forever.

I have been dreading the moment. We grew more attached to her every day. I started crying when I was only thinking about giving her away, but I knew it would be the best, we have already two cats which we brought with us from Germany, here in Kathmandu it is no problem, the cats only live upstairs and the dog is only downstairs and in the garden, but who knows where we're going next, and if we would be living only in a small apartment, it could be difficult...but this all didn't matter in the end.

Nobody wanted our beautiful dog - so we have deceided to keep her! Even if there would be somebody now, we would never think again of giving her up! She belongs to us and we belong to her, and we are so happy with the decision. So we also gave her a proper name and now she is called Auris, which comes from the Latin word Aurum which means gold - and she is golden, golden of colour, golden of heart and enriching our live. I thought I was very happy before, but now I see that in making this little dog so happy, there was even more happiness hidden.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Chaos at KAT

Today was a slightly chaotic day at KAT.

It was the last day for Katie, a wonderful veterinary volunteer from New Zeeland that has been at KAT for the past week, doing so much good stuff, you will be much missed!

Anyway, Katie had brought some cake for us today, but before we had time to dig in the ambulance came in. 2 rescue dogs were brought in, one had been hit by a car and was in bad shock, and needed immidient care with drip and all that.

It was also brekfast time for the dogs, and since we have so many dogs at the center now, they were everywhere, milling around and there seemed to be puppies wherever you looked =) Two hours later we got our cake though!

I was about to write a bit about mange today, a major problem for street dogs in Kathmandu. It's a skin disease caused by mites that embed themselves in the skin or the hair follicles. They cause severe itching and crusting, which often becomes infected. The hair falls off, and due to the scratching and infections, the skin cracks and bleeds. In Kathmandu, there are dogs with mange in all stages, from a little hairless patch to being completely naked and in a very poor condition. We often get in mange dogs that we try to treat, sometimes with good result, sometimes with not so good result.

We treat them with a medicine that goes into the food, and wash them regularly to get rid of dead skin and stimulate growth of healthy skin and hair. Dogs in a very poor condition are difficult to treat, since they have such dry skin and they scratch all the time. To put olive oil on the skin should be good, we heard. Other simple advices are much appreciated, if anyone have experience of this!

We just got in two dogs with severe mange just a few days ago, this is how they look today: Let's hope I have some better looking pictures of these sweet dogs in a short time!!

//  Marie