Monday, October 10, 2011

Sheep Shearing in Savognin, Switzerland

The 8th annual Sheep Shearing took place in Savognin (Switzerland) this saturday. It's one of the biggest festivals in our little village and it's the day when the sheep get their wool sheared. Or better said, this was what the festival in the beginning was about. A few years ago, a little market began to establish at the festival as well and it got bigger and bigger from year to year. All kinds of sheep-related goods are sold there: cheese, sheep-wool, clothes made from wool, sheep-milk soap, meat and so on... You can't even imagine all the sheep stuff that is sold there.

If you have to work with sheep, it makes things a lot easier if you have a dog to help you. Sheep dogs do a great work and that's why some of the shepherds show their dog's talents in a show. Not only those dogs are at the festival, but many visitor's bring their own dogs with them as well.
And isn't a place full of dog lovers the perfect place to make some good PR for the KAT and sell some dog bisquits?

That's what I tried to do. Unfortunatelly the weathear was really, really bad. And this means snow:

There was even enough snow to build a snowman:

Also the poor sheep only arrived in the snow squall:

However, even though it was freezing cold and everyone was wearing at least two jackets I sold the dog bisquits. As back in Nepal I made two flavours, tuna & meat, and sold them in little bags. I really didn't know, how much I should ask for the bisquits, so one of my friends told me to sell them for whatever price people want to pay for them.

And I would never have imagined, that this would work so well. But it did!

It worked so well, that we got 89.20 Swiss Francs (and we didn't even manage to sell all the bisquits)!

This is 7466 Nepal Rupees!

And let's see how far this money goes in Nepal:
49 dogs can be vaccinated with this money.
Or 5 dogs can be sterilised with this money.
3 sick dogs can get treatment with this money.
1 dog in severe need can get treatment for a long time with this money.

 This is so fantastic! I want to thank everyone who bought dog bisquits or just donated some money!
Every Rupee counts. Thank you.



(Yeah, that's me, dressed up like I would be on my way to northern Russia, but very happy after counting the donations. :D)

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  1. Oh Simona, this is just so great!!! I loved the pictures =)
    It's a really good idea to let people pay what they think the biscuits are worth, often it's easier to give a bit more. We are gonna try this strategy next saturday, when we're off to the farmer's market here at 1905! Hopefully it turns out as well =)
    / Marie