Friday, October 14, 2011

Puppy-season is here!

Oktober is here, and so is puppy-season, apparently =) 
Yesterday, we got a mother with 7 (!!) small puppies, totally adorable. Imagine keeping track of, and giving food to seven small beings. It's crazy. The mother is very sweet, though, and very trusting depite being a streetdog with puppies to protect. Today, a woman brought in another puppy, somewhat older, but still totally irresistible. We also have a few other toddlers at the KAT center at the moment, including a chocolate brown puppy with beautiful blue eyes! He's up for adoption, and after seeing him, how can you resist?

Another good piece of news is that we've got two new volunteers! It's Katie (in the pic below) and Flo, both from the UK and both newly graduated vets =) They weill be staying at KAT for two more weeks, before moving on to Sri Lanka and another animal shelter. It's so great to meet new people who's willing to do good things for animals!! 

Tomorrow it's time for Farmer's market again, it's been a couple of weeks since we've bee there. We hope everyone has missed us and that they will buy plenty of out homemade dog biscuits =) 

// Marie

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  1. Hi Marie,
    We came yesterday, Friday 4th of November, and saw the puppy with the blue eyes, and are thinking of adopting him or her. Is it a male or a female ? Bidur said it s a female but in your article, you say that it s a male..

    If you can let us know,
    Txs a lot !