Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Puppies URGENTLY need homes!

We have seven young puppies (and a few older ones) which very urgently need homes! KAT does not have the space to keep them there and they would be put down if we can not find homes for them in the next few days. They are very cute and had a beautiful mother who took very good care of them.

Please, please, please share this with all the people you know in Kathmandu, ask your friends, ask your didis, ask your colleagues, ask your guards, as long as you think they can provide a good home. Also ask your friends to share this, maybe we can make it and find homes for those 7 puppies.

Remember, they have all the vaccinations and are of course free! Also, you get a year of free medical treatment at the KAT Centre for the dog!

They are a playful lot, we think they are about 5 weeks old, give or take. They already eat some dogfood, together with their mothers milk, and are almost ready to be given away from their mother. Please help us give them a home!!

Everybody who is interested: Call the KAT Centre
(437 31 69) or drop by in Chapali Gaon, Budanilkantha.


  1. They are beautiful! I hope they find good homes!

  2. Yes they are free, plus you get free health care for a year! Hurry and contact KAT if you want one of these sweeties!

    Prakriti: yes, aren't they! Unfortunately most of them are still at KAT. But we have hope, as I've know of some who might be interested =)