Monday, October 17, 2011

My turn to be a mommy!

Today is a day to hope for miracles!! In the afternoon, a tiny-tiny little pup was brought to KAT, only one day old! The couple who brought it in had found him (?) on the street, all newborn, with no mother in sight. Greg called me to ask if maybe I wanted to try to raise it by bottle, even if it's a long shot, it's not so very likely it will survive being that young. But of course we will give it a try!!

So I went by Viktoria to pick up some puppy stuff that she still had at her place, and then out to KAT to fetch the little one. But little doesn't even come close to describe him, he's so small he fits into the palm of my hand. And totally adorable! Barat was nice and drove us home, so we didn't have to spend one hour or so on the bus, and he slept in my lap all the way home. Since we got home he's eaten one third of a bottle already, after having some problems finding out how to make the bottle work.

Now he's sleeping in the basket with his warm-water bottle and seems very content! I really really hope that he keeps that content and nothing bad will happen.. but after all, he's very small and should be having his mothers milk instead of our milk mixture. Tomorrow I'll take him to KAT to see if he can have some of the milk from the mother who already has 7 puppies. Unfortunately, they are much bigger than him, so we can't leave him there, he would be run over and not getting any milk at all and maybe even get bitten.
Keep all fingers crossed that he will live at least tomorrow! One day at a time =)

Anyone have any name suggestions? We're assuming it's a boy!

// Marie


  1. This basket will forever be the puppy-basket, it seems. :D
    But it's a very beautifull little dog you got there. He isn't harmed or wounded in any way, isn't he? So let's hope he makes it. My finger's are crossed, anyways.
    Good luck for you two!

  2. Haha, yes, it is now formally the puppy basket! And a good one, that is =)
    He's just wonderful, nothing wrong with him as far as we can see, and he kept me awake the whole night screaming for food and company. Sigh. Well, you should know!
    / Marie

  3. Haha, yes I know. PooPee just woke me up evey two hours, though. :D But you will get there too.

  4. I hope so! I think I might be spoiling him by giving him food every hour, but he is really hungry and keeps buffing around for something to suckle on.. Hm. I fear another night with no sleep at all :/

  5. thanks marie for looking after him. i hope he will survive, i miss him so much already.


  6. Hey Marie,
    thanks for taking care of the puppy. we really appreciate it, and already missing the pup so much. looking forward to meet up with you and the puppy tomorrow at KAT :)