Friday, October 7, 2011

Mulan got adopted!

Since I wasn't able to come to KAT durin Dashain, I was not really up-to-date, until Gregg wrote me an Email yesterday, telling me that Mulan got adopted. Mulan...this little dog was brought to us with a horrible wound on her neck. The wound was so deep and the little pup looked so miserable that we were always afraid she wouldn't make it through.
But she did get better and started to become a little diva - barking at all the dogs, especially when we were petting them or giving them attention, she got very jealous. But now she has fully recovered and the other dogs started teaching her some manners. Sometimes you saw Mulan being covered in dirt all over from the rough dog's play.

And she grew a lot. She is not really a puppy anymore, and that started us worrying that she might never find a family again. She is a very sweet dog, but sadly most people are only interested in the pups. So I was incredibly happy when I received Gregg's Email and I am sure she will settle in just great with her family!


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