Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kukur Tihar!

Tuesday two days ago was a very nice day at KAT! That was the day we celebrated Kukur Tihar, the day of the dogs! It's a part of the Tihar festival, a wonderful festival of light and joy that is occurring this week.

So, on Kukur Tihar, the dogs are worshipped, and people offer garnads of flower, tikka and delicious foods to the dogs. It is also a celebration of the special relationship that exists between humans and dogs.

Of course, the KAT center wanted this to be a special day, so a lot of people were invited to this day, and the whole centre was decorated with flowers, it was so beautiful! A big board with information was put up for people to read and see what we do.

And it was a good turnout, soon the whole yard was milling with people talking and mingling.

In a little ceremony, the puja, all the dogs at the centre got a tikka and a garland of flowers. It was an amazing sight to see all dogs running around with flowers, all excited because something special was happening =)

And even little Momo got his own little tikka and a yellow flower petal, he got his blessing, so I have confidence he will make it through!

For me it was a very special experience, and I'm grateful I got to be a part of it! It is great to see that many people do care about dogs and their situation in Kathmandu. I talked to so many interesting people with a big passion for dogs, about dogs, about new ideas and how to make the KAT center even better.

This is how tired you get after a whole day of celebrating!

// Marie


  1. Jajaja

    I wrote about Kukur Tihar and you in my blog too!!

    This day is awesome! =)

  2. Oh that is great! I just read it =)

    So do I understand correctly, you are coming here to work at KAT for a while? If so, that's just wonderful! Welcome =)

  3. Yesssss! I'm going to Kathmandu in July '12 for 2months! I'm very amazing!!! (This morning I finished my last rabies vacine!)

  4. hh how wonderful, I am in Nepal now, hope I can meet them all the soonest :)

  5. Oh great Martha, you're more than welcome! I won't be here anymore, as I'm leaving in february, but I'm sure you'll have a good time!

    Hey Karishma, just come up any day, it's very easy to get to KAT, and it's open during business hours (roughly 9 to 5)!
    / Marie