Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm gonna live!

It's incredible how strong the will to live can be! The little puppy that I got in my care exactly a week ago, all new born, is still vey much alive, against all odds! I'm calling him Momo at the moment =) He's eating like a horse and is growing almost visibly every day. He loves to creep up by my ear and sleep after eating, where he then lies dreaming, twitching and making funny little noises.

I left him to Gregg at KAT this saturday, so I could get some sleep (it's not easy when you have to warm the bottle every two hours around the clock!), and I just got him back this morning. And did I miss him!! Crazy how attached you can get in just a few days, but I guess it's something special to take care of someone so small and dependent on you.

The two people who brought him in to KAT, Dino and Iksa, were here to visit him last week. They will adopt Momo when he's a bit older, and I'm so grateful that there are people like this, who care and who continues to care. I'm sure he's gonna get a wonderful home with them!

The picture is taken a few days ago, I'll try to take some new ones today =)
// Marie


  1. Momo, what a great name! xD
    I've heard it also means peach blossom in Japanese.
    More photos, please! ^^
    // Simona (aka m0mo.)

  2. Will do, right away!
    Oh peach blossom, how wonderful! Although we are sue it's a boy, but that's sweet anyway haha! (and yes, I always think of you when I say Momo!)
    // Marie