Monday, October 17, 2011

Farmer's market paying off!

The Farmer's market this saturday was such a hit! We got in over 3.000 rupees from selling t-shirts, postcards etc. Viktoria had made dog biscuits, and instead of a fixed price, we let people make a donation when they bought them (good idea, Simona!). That way, people tend to give a lot more than what only the biscuits are worth =)

But best of all, we talked to so many people that were interested in our work, and at least 3 families / people were seriously interested in getting a dog from KAT. They would come up and have a look, and I really hope they do! In fact, Greg emailed us yesterday to say that one of the families had already been up on sunday to pick up a puppy! I was so glad =) It was the one brought in on friday, so he didn't have to stay long.

Viktoria brought PooPee to the market, and she's such a magnet! Everyone wants to look at the adorable puppy, both kids and adults get stuck. It's the perfect attention-drawer =)

In two weeks we go again!!

// Marie

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