Thursday, October 20, 2011


Euthanasia (coming from the greek words eu - good, simple and thanatos - death) means support and help for an easy death or even killing dying or very sick or injured people or animals. I think everybody can agree that if an individual is in very much pain and not likely to recover, death can be a mercy.

I have thought a lot on this subject, in the past concerning people, but since yesterday of course also concerning animals, especially the dogs at KAT. We get dogs that are very severly injured, very sick or have rabies. Often they are put down, if our vets see no or only a very slight chance of recovery and if the animal is suffering so much, there is not much you can do apart from hoping that there is dog heaven with lots of grass and trees and food and other dogs and that they will be happy in an afterlife.

But what about the little pups we wrote about yesterday? They are healthy, they are clearly enjoying life! We chose to be honest about what the pups are expecting if they won't find a home, and I still think this is the right way. Nobody should be able to say, "Oh, maybe I'll get a puppy later, don't want one now, I am going on holidays, I am sure somebody else will take them!". No. There are seven, everybody who wants a dog should make up their mind quickly and get one, because otherwise it might be too late. The KAT Centre has not space left, we have so many dogs around at the moment, and we are quite sure that there are more puppies to come since puppy season has only started.

So what should we do? Put them on the street, where they don't know how to fend for themselves? They will get run over, they will get sick, they will be bitten, mistreated, starving. I am angry at this situation. I am angry that not more people spay their dogs, because KAT can't be everywhere. But we are left with these cute babies, that exist because people don't care. And KAT is left with the decision in the end. Nobody wants these puppies put down here, everybody is racking their brains how we could find homes for them. We are desperate, and if anybody has another solution, please tell us. But we don't want these puppies to suffer on the street and to have maybe in the end even more puppies who will suffer and contribute to Kathmandu's street dog problem (they are to young to be sterilised yet and can't stay at KAT much longer). So please understand our dilemma and help us find homes!


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