Thursday, September 29, 2011

World Rabies Day!

Yesterday was an important day. It was World Rabies Day. An issue that is very urgent here in Nepal, a country wich has one of the highest reported per capita rates of human rabies deaths in the world. One of the main goals of KAT is to eliminate the occurrence of rabies in Kathmandu, and has so far made a great difference in the city. Over 22.000 dogs have been vaccinated against rabies, which is a fantastic number!

To celebrate this day, KAT put up a stand at the Swayambhu temple to talk to people and inform them about rabies and how to avoid it, and to promote the KAT center and the work we do. It was a great day, we talked to a lot of people, both locals and tourists, some of them also buying postcards and donating money that are very much needed. We are so grateful for that contribution!

Even the dogs seemes to sense our intention, we had a great deal of them hanging around our stand. (It may also have something to do with the cookies we brought.. although the monkeys ended up stealing them :/ )


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