Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update on Dotschka (or more befitting Poopee...)

Since Simona has left Nepal about 2 weeks ago, I have taken over the mother duty for this little pup. I am very happy to say that she is doing great - the feeding with the mixture of water, infant milk powder, egg yolk and yoghurt seemed to do her good and now she is already eating real puppy food and drinking water, but of course a warm milk mixture in the evening is always prepared for our little baby!

She has grown a lot and would never fit in the little shoe box again, in which she was brought to us and there are changes every day - she is exploring our garden and can now climb the step to the terrasse, although she is still a bit afraid to jump down. Car rides get more scary and she is learning to be quiet when I tell her to. We have a lot of fun with her and I have to admit we dread the moment when she will go to her family...but I am sure, they will take very good care of her!


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  1. She's so beautiful! And big! :D
    Thanks for the update.