Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some good and some bad news...

In the last days a couple of good things happend at the KAT Centre, and of course, I want to share those with you;

~  Tiger could go back to his place!
But let me tell you Tiger's story from the beginning:
Tiger is a huge German Shepherd. He once had a family, but they moved away and simply left poor old Tiger in front of the house. The new tenants then started to feed him and called him Tiger. When one day they discovered a big wound on his belly, they brought him to the KAT Centre. The wound was allready infested with maggots and looked quite bad.
But over the past two weeks, the wound healed under the loving care of the KAT's two vets and the volunteers.
Tiger is an old, gentle dog, who gets along well with both humans and dogs. The only problem we had with him, was his sheer size. When he was in one of the ABC Kennels, he couldn't barely turn around. He was just too big. So now, we're really happy for him, that he could go back to his place, where the new tenants of his old home will care for him and give him food & love.

Here we have a picture of Tiger and our Boxer, so that you can see, how big he really was (Boxer is a fully grown Boxer, just by the way):

~ Seti is being prepared to fly back with me!
Seti will be adopted by a German family and so will fly back to Europe with me (as Marie has allready told here). Two days ago we bought a transport box at the super market for her and she allready loves her new little home and defends it against other dogs.
We also brought Seti to a vet near the KAT Centre to check her Microchip, because the KAT's own scanner couldn't find it (it's pretty old). Everything is okay with the chip so today we just need to fill out all the paperwork and Seti is ready to go to her new home!

~ The Puppy is doing so great!
Little Dotschka (Russian for little daughter) now can clearly see something and she also started to get little puppy teeth. She's allready bored by her crate and wants to explore my room (and pee & poo all over the place). Dotschka (PooPee for Viktoria & Marie) also grew much bigger than when she arrived at the KAT first.

~ Kali got her microchip yesterday!
The microchip is the first step on her long way to Switzerland, so now we can start to organize everything for her travel. I'm so happy, that she will really come to Switzerland! And I want to thank my dad for sending the chip!

But, as live is, there's also some bad news... least for me. Today was my second last day at the KAT Centre and sunday will be the last.
I've been at KAT for two months now and I allready know, who much I will miss everyone there. It's strange to imagine days without Kali, walking Boxer, feeding little Dotschka, giggling with Marie & Viktoria and eating Dal Bhat.
The KAT Centre is a wonderful place. I don't quite know, what I was looking for, when I decided to go to Nepal, but I know, what I found: a place, that I will really miss and want to come back to. And fantastic new friends, I want to stay in contact with, even if they stay in Nepal or in one case may move back to Sweden/Finnland !

The KAT Centre is a place where I felt at home and I'm allready counting the days untill I can come back to Kathmandu!

All the best & Namastè,


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