Thursday, September 8, 2011

Saying goodbyes!

Oh no. Tomorrow is Simonas last day at KAT (except maybe the weekend?)!!! How are we gonna manage without the super-.volunteer #1?! One thing is for sure, you're gonna be very missed, Simona! As long as we've been at KAT, both me and Viktoria, Simona has been there, always helping and always knowing what to do when things get messy. It's like having a mom and then all of a sudden not having a mom and having to manage all on one's own. You do understand this is serious matter, Simona, and that you have to come back. Kali, on of the dogs at the center, will most likely also move to Switzerkand with Simona, but she will have to wait for a bit, since not all vaccinations and papers are in order yet. But the microchip arrived today, so we're getting there!

But, as things are, Simona won't have to go alone (yes, of course there will also be other passengers!), but she's gonna bring Seti with her There is a German family who got attached to her and wants to adopt her, but they are already back in Germany, so she has to go with Simona =) I like it when people really puts an effort into making things happen, I think everything is possible as long as we cooperate!
// Marie

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