Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Puppy update

Just a short update about the puppy in the last post: she's still very much alive and getting better every day! I got to bottle feed the little sweetie today and I can report very strong suction reflex! The wounds on the back are also healing and looks so good! We have good hope for her. Although her "mom" Simona will return to Swizerland next week, we're gonna miss her so much! And then it's up to me and Viktoria to keep feeding the puppy (ugh). She has got an inofficial name, PooPee (guess why..?)

Will post pictures tomorrow =)
Thanks Martha for the tip about goat/sheep milk! We were able to get hold of some milk powder for puppies, but we'll probably have to swith very soon when we run out of it!
// Marie

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