Saturday, September 24, 2011

New approach!

Our two dogs with a very bad mange, Boxer and Stinky (she's called Stinky with a lot of affection!), have both been at KAT for a while without very much improvement. Some week ago, we tried a new approach: to give them ayurvedic treatment (a form of alternative medicin) instead of the medicins they normally recieve. Now I don't know much about this practice, but there was a woman who came to the centre and talked with the vets about it, and they came up with a plan.

As I understand it, the patient often gets worse for a while, before starting to get better, maybe because the body reacts to the treatment and it takes a while to adapt. This was true for both the Boxer and Stinky, they both got worse, they swelled up and were bleeding more. Now I think the Boxer is getting a bit better, at least on the body, she scratches her head a lot, so it looks just awful. Stinky on the other hand, has still not started to improve =( She's not eating, does not want to go out and is not her usual happy self. I hope this will change during the weekend!!

(If anyone knows more about the ayurvedic treatment, or have experience of it, please feel free to comment, as I said, I don't know much at all about how it works!)

Anyway, I wanted to post two pictures of how Boxer and Stinky look today, and hopefully I soon have some improvement-pictures to show =)

Edit: I found some older photos of Stinky (that's how we volunteers call her) or Haaku (her official name) which I wanted to show you, so that you can see, that she looked a bit better a few weeks ago and that we hope, that she will get better again very soon.
You can also read about Haaku / Stinky in KAT's latest newsletter, which can be found here.

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