Saturday, September 10, 2011


This morning, it was again time for the Farmer's market! We have decided to try to be there every second saturday, talkning to people and selling dog biscuits. Today was no exception, and we almost sold all the cookies we made last night =) It's the beginning of something big, I can feel it!
We brough the Princess puppy and the little PooPee puppy, and they reall were an attraction, especially for the kids. The princess also liked the cookies very much,  some people were nice enough to buy some for her, haha.

The only downside of today is that it was Simona's last Farmers Market. We had a farewell party yesterday, when we made the cookies, and it is starting to sink in. You will be missed! The responsibility for the PooPee now lands on Viktoria and me, how are we gonna manage.. Anyone out there has experience of bottlefeeding small puppies, when can you start giving solid foods, and what should that be?
// Marie


  1. You will have to wait to give solid food until he has approximately one and a half or two months. You can start with purees for children (baby food) with protein (chicken, beef) but not for long time because they have enough sugar, or you can soften with water the feed or with milk if he don't like the feed in the first time. Puppies can eat dry feed when they are 2 months or a little more, but it should be special puppy I do not know if there you can get it! A greeting! And luck!

  2. Thank you Martha, this is of great help! Will try to find something suitable, there is plenty of baby food in this country =)

  3. At 4 weeks old ( rescue puppies) I've used Cerolac plain and watered down with milk and water. If stools are good go to less fluids. At about 6 weeks you can introduce a little pured pressured cooked dal. Adding a little bit more each day if the stools are okay. Then go on to pressure cooked vegetables pureed ( use a blender). At about 2 months slowly introduce pressure cooked chicken, pureed, or pureed chicken livers. Then slowly make them more solid before moving on to buff mince meat. The advantage of home cooked is no sugar and salt.