Friday, September 16, 2011

Dog Photography

The ones among yourself, who own dogs themselves, know, how hard it is to take good photos of our companions.
And monsoon season doesn't make things easier at all. Either it rains, or it just stop raining and the dogs are all wet and dirty, or it will just start raining and the light is really bad.

So we often face the problem, that if we take about twenty photos of one dog, we can be pretty sure, that only (at best) three of them will be good. And what with the other 17? They will most probably look similar to these:

First we got the blurry and really bad ones:

Then we get the 'dog-gets-too-close' ones:

Or we get half of the dog on one photo, and the other half on the next one:

This is an Unidentified Flying Object (that wasn't intented to be on the photo at all) [it's Buddy]:

But yes, once in a while, we even manage to get a nice photo, like this one:

Or at least, some funny ones:

// Simona

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