Monday, September 26, 2011

Disastrous monday.

It's a sad sad day today.

When me and Viktoria came to KAT today (in absolut pouring rain I might add, to add to the misery), we found several of the cages empty - cages that we did not expect to be empty. We looked everywhere, in the isolation unit and in the "sterilization row", but did not find what we were looking for. So we went to the vet, apprehensively since we had a growing clue, and that was that. No less than four dogs had died / been put to sleep during the weekend.
The little skinny puppy with water in his belly and the dog with the horrible broken leg had both been put to sleep, which was maybe no surprise, they both were in a bad condition. But both Stinky and the Boxer, that I wrote about just a few days ago, were also gone! The Boxer had just collapsed while being taken out for a walk, maybe it was the heart that gave up after a long period of sickness, who knows. And Stinky was put to sleep, she had really lost all her joy of life and was not eating at all, plus she had a wound that just grew bigger and bigger.

It was just so sad. I have no words. Except I hope they are in a better place now. This is really the downside of doing this job. I'm hanging on to the thought that we were making therir last days as bright and happy as we could, at least. And focus on the good and happy stories, of which there are plenty =)
The black cat, for example, she finally got a home and got to get out of her cage, where she's been for quite some time now. She was the sweetest and most social cat I've ever met, so I'm very glad someone took her on. Instead, the cat cage got another inhabitant today, also a back skinny cat. Will post pics later!

// Marie

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