Monday, September 26, 2011

A Boxer called Boxer

It's a very sad day today; both our beloved mange dogs Boxer and Stinky passed away this weekend.

I started to write a post about Boxer's story a few days ago, but now it will be a tribute to a great dog and good friend.


Boxer was allready at KAT when I arrived there by mid-July. She was allready there quite a time, but simply wasn't getting better. She only had a little bit of hair on her back, was really skinny and seemed to be sad. She was just lying in her kennel, didn't really want to go out for walks and never wagged her tail. Also her front paws where still swollen. She looked miserable...

Boxer, around the 18th July
With time passing, she got a little bit better. No, that's actually not true.
She was behaving much better, just her appearence was only getting better very slow. But at least she started to like the time she could spend out with the other dogs in the Treatment Area. She also started to enjoy her walks around the KAT, especially if one of the little puppies we had at this time was out as well. It was also one of the puppies that made her wag her tail for the first time.
Even if she still looked quite bad, at least she was becoming a happy dog...

Boxer, around ten days later
Jan, the founder of the KAT, had to leave for England by the end of July, but before she left, she told us that it may help the mange dogs, if we put some oil on their skin. Viktoria had also found this advice on the internet, so we decided to try it. Boxer really enjoyed her oily massages, especially if we put some oil around her snout, because she could lick it off from there. We even have a photo of this:

Boxer, begining of August 2011
The olive oil Viktoria had brought worked miracles.
Boxer's hair started to grow, not just on her back, but also on her sides and legs. It just didn't work on her face, because (as you can see on the previous photo) she always licked it off. Still, everyone was so happy for Boxer, and Boxer was happy, too. When I got near her kennel, she started wagging her docked little tail and couldn't wait untill I had found a leash to take her out.
Unfortunatelly I don'thave a good photo of her in all her hairy beauty, but I think this one shows her progress quite well:

Boxer, mid August 2011
 She even got so well, that the Vets decided that she was ready to be spayed.

Boxer, shortly after being spayed
Then, all in a sudden, she got worse again. She lost hair on her sides and face, her paws started to swell again and she started to scratch herself, so that she was bleeding a lot. We started to give her the mange medicine again and also continued the oli massages.
Boxer, end of August / beginning of September 2011
But sadly, Boxer was not strong enough. She had fought a long fight against a disease we didn't know. This weekend she collapsed while being out for a walk and passed away.

We will remember her as the happy dog she was, always wagging not just her tail, but her whole body when she saw someone approaching her kennel. A great dog.


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  1. This was such a good story, Simona!! I love the pictures. You really captured that sweet little dog in your words. We'll miss her.