Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Say hello to our newest puppy!

Today we recieved a shoebox containing the sweetest little puppy. He's only 12 days old and have just opened his eyes, to a cruel world, as it seems. He was rejected by his mother (maybe for being smaller and weaker than his siblings?) and finally also bitten badly by her. And now he is part of the KAT assembly!

The little teddybear needs to be fed every two hours, so Simona got to take him home with her, to provide constant service and comfort. And to clean up the mess that is created by all small puppies =) We hope he'll recover fast. The most immidient problem seems to be what to feed him. What is the best, second after mother's milk? Milk powder for puppies will be hard to find here in Kathmandu, and also very expensive if there is any. Does anyone out there have any ideas or suggestions?
// Marie

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  1. I am a vet student and we usually use goat milk or sheep milk because is very nutritious! You can try that a dog in lactation adopt the puppy. Good luck!