Monday, August 29, 2011

The Farmers Market project

Every Saturday there's a Farmers Market at the 1905 Restaurant in Kathmandu, and just recently we decided that KAT naturally should also be a part of that. The main object is of course to promote the center; to be seen by people and to spread information of what the KAT center is and what we do. But that doesn't mean we can't have a lot of fun at the same time =) Viktoria came up with the brilliant idea to make dog biscuits and sell at the market, in addition to the KAT stuff (t-shirts, postcards etc) --> on friday evening we gathered to experiment a little in the kitchen. And the result was smashing, I must say! We made biscuits with meat/tuna and cookies with apple/honey, and even I liked them =)

This Saturday was our second appearance at the market, and we got in over 1500 rupees =) Not as much as the first time, but still, it's money that will come in handy. It was a great day, we meet a lot of interested people who stopped to chat and admired the dogs (this time we brought Fuchi). I hope we can make this into a permanent thing for KAT! And, the market is a really good place to roam around, taste yummy things and spend some money =)

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